Cocona is committed to the pursuit of industry leadership. The trailblazing science behind our innovations is reinventing how fabric technologies function. Our patented processes are an absolute breakthrough for the apparel industry and ensure differentiation for our brand partners. We are defining the standards and developing the testing that will guide and inform the industry as it moves forward.

Patented Technology

The Cocona Patented Technology permanently incorporates natural active particles that have micro porous structures, into fibers, fabrics, polymers, and films. These active particles have been tested by industry standards and have been found to enhance the performance of fabrics by 30 to 50%. The benefit of Cocona® technology includes: increased breathability, Dry Times, UV protection and Odor management.

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New Products

1+1=3 System Cocona recently discovered that by including our technology in apparel layers; our product will increase the performance and ability of the system to evaporate moisture (breathability). This revolutionary finding will allow partners to merchandise products across their product line and use Cocona as the key differentiator in their garments.

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