Eddie Bauer Frontpoint 2.0 Jacket Review

Eddie Bauer‘s website recently featured a review on the Frontpoint 2.0 Jacket titled, “The perfect shell?”

Designed for alpine climbing, the second generation Frontpoint 2.0 Jacket elevates hybrid construction to the next level. The fusion of Cocona® 2.5-layer hard shell waterproof protection in critical areas plus breathable, flexible soft shell material in the body makes this a perfect piece when moving fast on approach or descent.

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Gear Junkie – Head-To-Toe Winter Biking Gear Breakdown

Another recent Gear Junkie review of Cocona-based Pearl Izumi winter biking gear:

“Pearl Izumi base layer top — Next to my skin, the Transfer Long Sleeve Baselayer, $60, has been an essential piece. It is a form-fitting, mid-weight top with a fuzzy interior. The fabric is designed with Cocona’s Minerale technology, which wicks sweat better than almost anything I’ve used. It’s warm, wicking, and a perfect foundation for days under 20 degrees F.
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Target Dry Explains Outdoor Gear In Easy Terms

Outdoor-Clothing-Explained“More recently an American company called Cocona® has developed a natural technology that can supercharge the performance of base layers, wicking up to 5 times faster than pure merino. Using Coconut Husks and other natural micro pores materials, they use a patented process where they embed ‘active carbon’ into the yarn. This increases breathability and accelerates evaporation by pulling the moisture across the micro porous particles in the yarn. Cocona® technology will not wash or wear out, and also absorbs a wide range or odours.
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Dry From The Inside: Cocona Insulation System

Designed for high-energy activities to maintain comfort during high activity, the Cocona Insulation system [Cocona lining + insulation] effectively accelerates moisture out of the clothing system and keep insulation dry/warm.

The performance is targeted to solve the “clammy effect” of typical calendared linings and synthetic insulation systems on the market. Cocona insulation in third-party tests show 50 percent higher CLO (insulation) value compared to same leading brand synthetic insulation.
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