Cocona is breaking out of its shell to announce the boldest fabric breakthrough the outdoor apparel industry has seen in decades.

Our ingredient innovations are today’s new technology, and they are going to reinvent performance.

  • We are on a trek to think differently about the elements of performance – in our products and in our company. We have a fresh take on what we need to bring to our industry, to our partners, and to the people who put their trust in our technologies when they are out adventuring.

  • Our bold thinking will introduce consistent innovation to the outdoor apparel marketplace.

  • Our collaboration will build the brands of our premiere apparel partners.

  • Our expertise will equip the adventurer to stay out longer in the passionate pursuit of the outdoors.

  • Cocona is the element of performance. Our ingredient technologies enhance the performance of apparel so we can all stay out longer.

  • With Cocona, we are all adventurers who will challenge the sun, the wind, the rain, the heat, and the cold, knowing they are elements of our adventure rather than elements that bring the adventure to an end.